Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What camera models are supported?
Currently supported in release are the 10D, 300D/Rebel/Kiss, 350D/Rebel XT, 1Ds, D60, D30 and D1, 20D, D1mk2 and D1smk2.

Q. Can I use the camera to auto guide
Because of the nature of the large image sensors, and the fact that the Eos cameras do no internally support sub-frames, the camera is not a good Candidate for auto guiding. Slower cycle auto guiding at around 3 seconds might be possible in fast focus mode, but you would get much better results with a modified webcam or a dedicated auto guider. The firewire models provide much faster download and could be used, but why would you own a $5000 autoguider? Our DSI and LPI drivers work well as inexpensive guide cameras.

Q. Why do I need a seperate cable to take long exposures?
The remote capture mode in the Eos line can only be asked to set parameters that are internally supported by the camera. Thus only the discrete stops on the camera can be set. The longest internal stop is 30 seconds, then bulb mode. To go over 30 seconds or to take an exposure not on the stop list, requires a remote release cable. This allows the computer to control the bulb directly thus removing the limitation.

Q. Can I try the driver or Maxim/DL before I buy it?
You can sign up for a four week trail at this link.

Q. Can I use my existing cable I made for DSLR focus or ImagePlus?
For the most part, yes. If you cable was built to use the standard default pins, it should work. The LPT1 parallel ports and COM1-COM6 using RTS.

Q. What modes do you support?
The driver supports a 12bit Raw mode with color information, 14bit binned grayscale mode, 8bit+ fast focus

Q. Does the driver work with FocusMax?
Yes, but currently there are some issues we are trying to resolve for fast focus mode, so V2.0 provides a Focus Max mode that will keep all exposures using the fast mode to allow the the first light wixard to run. You can also run the first light wizard in the Raw mode but it is much slower on USB 1.0 cameras.

Q. Do you support firewire?
If your camera can talk to Canon tools thru firewire, it should work with the Driver. Firewire models must use the firewire port. The USB port is for printing only.

Q. Do you support binning?
Yes. We have support for binning at the driver level. The current release supports 2x2 binning for 14 bit effective resolution in grayscale only. It also supports a fast binned grayscale mode for using auto exposure after slews and centering .

Q. Does the driver support subframes?
Yes. But the camera does not. So all the frame data must be downloaded and we crop to the requested are. There is not time saving in a subframe exposure.

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