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The Canon Eos DSLR cameras do not have the ability to expose images over 30 seconds with the firewire/USB cable alone using remote capture mode. In order to take long exposures it is necessary to have a special cable that connects you bulb port on your Camera with the computer's serial or parallel port. Using this cable the computer can then set the camera remotely into bulb mode and trigger exposures of any length. The driver uses the bulb for espoures of over 1 second or over 30 seconds depending on the driver settings.

These cables have been somewhat standardized for use with programs such as this driver, Image Plus and DSLR Focus. Many individuals build or modify their own cables, but some choose to purchase or pay to have cables modified for them. For 300D/350D/Rebel/XT cameras this cable is a has a 2.5mm stereo plug on one end, and DSub9 or Dsub25 connector on the other. For other Eos cameras the camera end plug is a special plug made only for Canon. A Canon remote cable must be purchased and cut into two parts, with a in-line 2.5mm stereo female jack installed on the camera side, and a 2.5mm stereo plug installed on the hand controller side. This allows the use of the original timer/remote in addition to using a 300D computer cable to control the camera from Maxim/DL thru the driver. Those wishing to make their own cable can use these instructions.

A 300D 20' serial cable is included with the retail kit (6' available on request) . This cable is all that is needed for 300D/350D/Rebel users. If own a Eos model other than the 300D/Rebel models let us know an the kit will includes the parts and instructions needed to modify a Canon remote (2.5mm male/female plugs) are include with our retail kits. Those wishing to purchase parallel cables, serial cables, as well as have Canon remotes modified can use the services of Hap Griffin a fellow DSLR enthusiast and astronomer who sells and modifies cables for use with astronomy software. His website is

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